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Sebenza to Bridge the Digital Divide in South Africa

The South African taxi industry is a huge source of untapped potential in the market. There are over 15 million daily commuter trips on minibus taxis to get to work, school, job hunting, social occasions, shopping, etc. This is a large percent of the South African commuter market - worth R90 billion per year to be exact.

Minibus taxis have an infamous reputation here in South Africa, but that does not mean that the needs of a commuter are any less. There are still many South Africans who struggle to close the gap and to become empowered. Commuters heavily rely on taxis because they can access all parts of South Africa and they run at all hours of the day. It is calculated that minibus taxis travel 19 billion kilometers per year. For many commuters, minibus taxis are the only reason that they are able to get an education, earn a living at work, get their shopping bags home and much more.

Here at Sebenza, we want to bridge the digital divide between the empowered and the unempowered in our country. Wi-Fi may be a stable across the suburbs and in businesses, but anyone without access to Wi-Fi at home is at a big disadvantage. Wi-Fi and data are huge expenses, and not all salaries can pay for access to the internet. We believe that Wi-Fi should be available to everyone because it is such an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution.

This is where our company comes in. We are providing a digital platform in minibus taxis that provides users access to our free Wi-Fi. Our service has been welcomed into the taxi industry and we are looking to the future whereby our product will be available across the country. Watch this space for great things yet to come.

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Content: Sebenza, June 2021

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